Success will come in the fullness of Time, Desire, Dedication and Path Corrections
The 4 Phases thru each Stage of Ego You will reach the height of your Aspirations
Your progression thru each Phase creates a foundation for your higher growth.
The healthier your progress, the stronger your foundation for higher your growth

Developing the Phases of a Stage prepares you to explore for your next higher Potential Actualizing a Potential prepares you to explore for a higher Potential
Enhancement becomes Actualization of the specific Potential of Ego
The Means are Improved upon to better achieve each specific Potential
Desire progresses to develop the Means to achieve the specific Potential
Desire is the doorway into every Stage of Ego
Every Stage of Ego begins with a specific Desire for a specific Potential

Kilroy says ...
To the Elements thru each Phase of Ego