You develop a foundation for all your higher Potentials thru the 4 Phases of Right Attitude. Actualizing a Potential prepares you to explore for a higher Potential
Being the Potential
The 4th Phase explores Being both Responsible and Dedicated to having Right Attitude. Being Dedicated to taking Responsibility, you'll grow far.

Tempering the Trait
The 3rd Phase explores Tempering being Responsible by being Dedicated to achieve the Potential of having Right Attitude.

Trait to achieve Potential
The 2nd Phase develops a Trait to achive the Potential by taking Responsibility to struggle to achieve your Potential of Right Attitude.

Awareness is the doorway into every Stage of Ego
Awareness of a Potential
The 1st Phase thru the Foundation of Ego raises to Awareness, the specific Ego Potential of Right Attitude. Without Awareness, you're not going nowhere.

 ... but you won't get far without Abilities, Enhancements, and Dedication
... explore thru the above 4 Phases of every Potential of Ego
or, explore the 7 Elements thru every