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The Burgers of Calais

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  The Burgers of Calais
by Jason Gursky
  Culture is as Culture does.

  The Burgers of Calais
by Jason Gursky
  The Burgers of Calais  is available as prints from Shutterfly.com in the following sizes and costs. Shipping and sales tax are extra.
  Prints are made at 300 dots per inch (dpi) and will be clearer than displayed on the Internet at 72 dpi. The print is the image only and does not include the color matting examples.
  The following print mattings are shown only as sugestions. Shutterfly will print and ship to you only a high quality archival photo print.
  Framing is available at art stores, where you can choose your own color mattings, dimension of cuts, and color and size of frames.
  8 x 10 inches   $ 19.95
  11 x 14 inches   $ 39.95
  16 x 20 inches   $ 79.95
  20 x 25 inches   $ 99.95





Jason's proSpirit Re-Creationist Art Gallery
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