Jason's Cyber-Guides for Progressing Spirit

Truth or Consequences - To thy Higher Self be True.
Please explore these Cyber-Guides - The more you know, the more you'll grow.
As these Cyber-Guides are written, links will be posted. Your patience will be rewarded.

# Potential Description
    Enlightenment   Jason's Cyber-Guide to virtual Instant Enlightenment.

    Awareness   Jason's Cyber-Guide to actual Self Awareness. 

The following Cyber-Guides are in the process of progressing:

0 The Serpent Wrestler's Cyber-Guide to Right Attitude.
1 Empowerment The Ram's Cyber-Guide to Initiative
2 Direction The Bull's Cyber-Guide to Perseverance
3 The Twin's Cyber-Guide to Curiosity
4 Confidence The Crab's Cyber-Guide to Introspection
5 Pride The Lion's Cyber-Guide to Expression
6 The Virgin's Cyber-Guide to Discrimination
7 Harmony The Scale's Cyber-Guide to Balance
8 Intensity The Scorpion's Cyber-Guide to Passion
9 The Centaur/Archer's Cyber-Guide to Idealization
10 Security The Mountain Goat's Cyber-Guide to Ego Discipline
11 Meaning The Water Bearer's Cyber-Guide to Ego Enhancement
12 Higher Meaning The Twin Fish's Cyber-Guide to Ego Transcendance

After completing the Potentials of Ego, we'll explore the Potentials of the Soul's Higher Self.

2.0 Higher Attitude The Higher Serpent Wrestler's Cyber-Guide to
Higher Responsibility
for Higher Self Actualization of Soul

 No longer are we are the mercy of circumstances
How far have you gotten by

Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs Shadows and

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