The Daily Struggle Existentialsm - My least favorite Theory of Personality
No one is an island, unless they choose it.

Seek Good and you will find it.

Existentialsm - My least favorite Theory of Personality
Existentialsm was a popular philosophy in the post World War II in Europe.
It's core belief was that man was alone in the world without preexisting moral or religious systems to support or guide him.
Man is forced to realize his aloneness and the futility and absurdity of his existence. But, he also must realize he has the freedom to define and reinvent himself with every action. Justice can not be done for this philosophy in such a short space. For more information about Existentialism, please do an Internet search.
It's easy to see how the brutality of the second world war and the breakdown of occupied countries to support and protect their citizens developed the Existential model of man's unprotected aloneness. Times change and so do the situations that nurture philosophies. I am hoping that the depair and meaninglessness of Existentialism can be replaced by a philosophy that includes man's responsibility to create all facets of a world he desires to live in.
proSpirit was developed as a Humanistic answer to Existentialism. We are not alone. Supports do exist to help us. We have freedom in our behaviors. It is only thru taking responsbility for our attitudes, actions, and inter-actions, that we may achieve our goals. To add our little bite of light to the sum of light, we at pledge to organize grants to help those in need. We will keep you informed as to our progress.

The healthier the Ego, the easier the journey.

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