The Serpent Wrestler was once the 13th Sign of the Astrological Zodiac... no kidding. This constellation of stars has also called the Serpent Holder or Ophiuchus, the Doctor.
Previous cultures based their yearly calendar on the 13 Lunar cycles represented as Months, each containing 28 days. When Julius Ceasar created our present Julian Calendar, with a year containing 12 months, he removed the 13th month. By removing the 13th month, he also removed the month's 13th Astrological Sign of the Zodiac of the Serpent Wrestler.
Whether this is true or not doesn't matter. The Progressional explores spiritual growth, not intellectual arguements. In this Theater of Spirit, the Serpent Wrestler is a perfect Sign for the Daily Struggle against life's Interferences. And like theater, by suspending your disbelief, you will have pictures worth more than a thousand intellectual arguements to explore, represent, and support your progressing growth.

 Suspending disbelief will set you free ...

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