Jason Gursky
Throughout my undergraduate and graduate college years, I explored Psychology, compared Religions, and was fascinated by Abraham Maslow's theories on Self Actualization. My teachers gave me Theories, but nothing practical.
Seeking answers, I traveled to many interesting spiritual sites in the world, earned a few graduate degrees, and even held a few interesting jobs, where I met a few interesting examples of the Potentials of the human Spirit.
In 1990, I was downsized when UCLA closed the department where I was working. Although, I was very happy to end this job. At that time, I started exploring the positive Potentials of Spirit.
In 1992, I was again downsized as a UCLA Assistant Director and found myself with plenty of free time to explore life. I also was very happy to end this job. I developed the ideas of proSpirit.org and continued my exploration of the positive potentials of a progressing Spirit.
In 2000, I was working as a Webmaster for an Internet company and I was once again downsized, and I was beginning to sense a pattern. But, I was happy to end this job. I sensed another pattern was emerging here. My time off lead me to develop  ... proSpirit.org ... a 'spiritually profitable' website. (Not to be confused with proSpiriit.com, a 'monetary profitable' site. proSpirit.com was once part of proSpirit, but one of my Internet boss required that I pay him for it, so I lost the .com domain. But that's another story.)
One of the many lessons that I have learned, is that I do not have the desire to work for specific kinds of bosses. These jobs did introduce me to many people who display the wonders of the Potentials of the human Spirit. I was fortunate that among my challenging bosses, I have also met some positively wonderful people.

Kilroy says ...
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