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Life is a daily struggle against all the 'interferences' to healthy growth.
Our daily struggle has been symbolized in Islam as the Jihad, in Hinduism in the Bagavad Gita, in Christianity as the Devil and the Archangel Michael, and in Astrology as the sign of the Serpent Wrestler. I'm sure there are many other symbols that represent our daily fight for healthy growth.
The above image of the Archangel Michael is my favorite symbol for representing our daily struggle against all obstacles and interferences to our healthy growth, as well as the consequences of our actions. Overcoming the interferences will develop a 'lighter' and healthier spirit. The original image was painted by Giordano and I added the scales.
Engaging in your daily struggle and overcoming all intereferences and obstacles will help progress your healthy growth and assist you to develop your potentials.
The following 2 graphics represent the universal daily struggle for healthy growth.

For a larger image, click here.   For a larger image, click here.
The Fight for Light   The Lightness of Spirit

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