Abraham Maslow

Maslow believed that if we applied our talent and energy to becoming our best, we could become Self Actualized. He proposed a theory of motivation called the Hierarchy of Needs.
He arranged these needs in order of urgency, beginning with Physical needs and progressing through Security, to Belonging and Love, to Esteem, and to the need for Self Actualization.
proSpirit.org's Re-Creationism builds on Maslow's motivation by Needs, to become motivation by Desires or motivation to achieve Potentials.
Re-Creationism builds on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and presents a Hierarchy of Desires for a Hierarchy of Potentials. Achieving the Potentials thru a Hierarchy of Abilities and a Hierarchy of Enhancements to improve upon the Abilities to more effectively and efficiently become one's highest Potentials.

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To Maslow on Eight Ways to Self Actualize

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