The Phases of Right Attitude
Awareness develops Means, Means become Enhanced,
Enhancement becomes Being Better.

Coming Soon, more details on the 4 Phases of Right Attitude

Being Right Attitude
The 4th Phase explores Being the Potential. During the 4th Phase you explore being both Responsible and Dedicated to engage in the Daily Struggle for healthy growth to achieve all of your Potentials. Having Right Attitude, you will grow far.

Enhancement = Dedication
The 3rd Phase Enhances the Means to more effectively achieve Right Attitude. The 3rd Phase tempers Responsibility with Dedication. To achieve Right Attitude, Responsibility isn't enough, you must be Dedicated to be Responsible every day.

Means = Responsibility
The 2nd Phase develops the Means of taking Responsibility to achieve the Potential of Right Attitude. By taking Responsibility for your own growth, you accept that change comes from within and only you are responsible for your own growth. Awareness alone gets you no where.

Awareness is the doorway into every Stage of Ego
Aware of Right Attitude
The 1st Phase thru the Foundation of Ego raises to Awareness the Potential of Right Attitude. Without Awareness, you're growth will be random, trial and error.

Abilities, Enhancements, and Dedication will overcome Challenges.
Explore an Overview of Right Attitude,   the 7 Elements thru each Phase  of Right Attitude,

the 28 Degrees of Right Attitude or, the 28 Suggestions for progressing thru Right Attitude.

Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs and

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