Success will come in the fullness of Time, Desire, Dedication and Corrections
 The Four Phases thru each Potential of Ego
Growth thru each Potential progreses thru 4 Phases of development
Each Phase strengthens a component to efficiently progress thru each Potential.

How you develop thru the 4 Phases of each Potential develops your foundation to achieve your higher Potentials. Actualizing a Potential prepares you to explore for a higher Potential

The 4th Phase thru every Potential explores the Dedication to the
specific Personality Trait and Enhancement of each Potential.

The 3rd Phase thru every Potential explores a specific Enhancement
that improves upon the Personality Trait to better achieve the Potential.

Personality Trait
The 2nd Phase thru every Potential explores a specific
Personality Trait needed to achieve the Potential.

Awareness is the doorway into every Stage of Ego
The 1st Phase thru each Potential explores the specific
Potential of
Ego to be developed.

 ... but you won't get far without Abilities, Enhancements, and Dedication

... explore thru the above 4 Phases of every Potential of Ego
or, explore the 7 Elements thru every Phase
28 Aspects

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