The Daily Struggle for Progress

Awareness of the Daily Struggle against life's Interferences

begins the Right Attitude to develop your Potentials.

Right Attitude is being Responsible and Dedicated to the Daily Struggle for Healthy Growth. A healthy progressing Ego requires the Foundation of the Right Attitude to engage in the daily struggle to achieve your Desires and to struggle against the Demons that interfere and hinder the progression of your progressing Spirit.
Desires and Demons come in all shapes and sizes. To achieve your Potentials of Ego, begin by becoming Aware of your Desires and all types of interfering Demons. Being Aware of your Potentials, then facing and overcoming all the forms of interferring Demons is a positive way towards healthy growth. How you progress through your daily struggles will shape your destiny, so choose wisely.
The following are other allegorical symbols of the Daily Struggle to overcome obstacles, interefences, and all negative influences that can harm the Spirit.


Become a Serpent Wrestler and engage in the Daily Struggle for healthy growth. Engaging in your Daily Struggle against all interferences and demons will develop healthy growth.
Being Aware that

Kilroy says ...

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