the Centaur/Archer  the Centaur/Archer

Sign of
Idealism tempered with Restraint

In the quest for the Significance of Inter-Personal Relationships, the means of Idealism tempered with Restraint is ideally symbolized by the Sign of the Centaur/Archer.
The Centaur/Archer symbolizes progressing from Potential #8's Passion of Inter-Personal Intensity into Potential #9's Idealization of Inter-Personal Significance.
The Centaur/Archer of half animal - half man, represents the progression from our animalistic nature into our human nature. The progressing Ego must temper its Idealism with Restraint to overcome the attraction of physical pleasures in order to seek all the idealisitc pleasures of being human. Idealistic pleasures are replaced with Idealisitc ideas.
When you have developed Inter-Personal Passion as symbolized by the Scorpion, you are ready to progress into the 9th Potential of a progressing Ego, to develop Relationship Significance as symbolized by the Centaur/Archer.
Inter-Personal Idealism will develop Relationship Significance.
The Centaur/Archer begins by enjoying the idealistic pleasures of 'what is' and uses Restraint to progress into the idealisitc ideas of 'what could be'. Shooting arrows of inquisitiveness to find greater Significance.
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