The Signs of a Progressing Ego
The Signs of the Astrological Zodiac are perfect Symbols of progressing personality traits of Ego. 
Please suspend any disbelief in Astrology and see it as a system of Symbols for personality traits. Viewing Astrology as Symbols of personality traits helps to gain insight to progress your personality.
Being Aware that the Signs of the Zodiac can represent the 13 Potentials of Ego makes the learning of their wisdom a lot easier and provides a great support for your growth.
And yes, there once was a 13th Sign of the Zodiac that Juilius Ceasar removed when he removed the 13th month for the Julian Calandar that we presently use. Many earlier cultures used calendars based on the lunar cycle of 28 days per month and had 13 months a year.
Why re-invent the wheel, Astrology provides an already made system of Symbols to represent the Traits of Ego.
Explore the 13 Signs that represent your progressing Ego.

Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs and

Enhance your exploration ... Personalize it, make it your personal progression thru your own Potentials.
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