During your second 25 years, focus on developing the Potentials of your Inter-Personal Self.

A progressing Spirit develops thru an Inter-Personal Area
The Inter-Personal Area is our Attitudes and Inter-Actions between the Self and Others.
Our Inter-Personal Potentials contain our Potentials as Family, Friends, and Lovers.

The Moment of Awareness The image of the Moneylender can be seen from 2 point's of view.

From the husband's side, he sees himself working hard to gain their financial security.

From the wife's side, she see's her role as maintaining their spiritual health.

Both are right. Through our inter-relationships with others, we can grow. And, our inter-actions can also hinder our growth. We must develop the wisdom to know the difference.
Inter-Personal Potentials contain the Sub-Areas of Inter-Personal Relationships and Roles.
Becoming familiar with all the Areas and Sub-Areas of Spirit growth will help your growth.
Ask yourself how you can improve your Inter-Personal Attitudes and Inter-Actions.

Personal Inter-Personal Trans-Personal

The Spirit can be further sub-divided

Explore the above  Areas ... or explore deeper thru the Sub-Areas of Spirit. 

Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs and

Enhance your exploration ... Personalize it, make it your personal progression thru your own Potentials.
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