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Above all ... Do no harm.

To paraphrase the Bagavad Gita, the Hindu holy book:
"They that seek Good will always find Good. And Good will always find them."
Please ignore the oversimplicity of this, for bad things do happen to good people. When bad things have happened to me, I try to learn from the experience and not remain responding to the situation through anger, resentment, and revenge. With plenty of practice, this has gotten a little easier.

I use the counseling technique, "when you point the finger at someone else, you are really pointing 3 fingers back at yourself."
I made a deal with myself that when an irritating individual hits my buttons, I would not react to them until I can find 3 reasons that are making me respond so strongly. I am amazed how often I use this technique.

The 1st reason is always very easy to figure out and can always be discounted because it's too simplistic. The 2nd is a little more difficult to find, but well worth the exploration. But, it's the 3rd reason that has always provided me with a great deal of introspective wisdom. Often, I even forget why I was upset in the first place and I have often found that my initial upsetness has been replaced with thankfulness to the irritating individuals. Unfortunately, I seem to get plenty of practice with this technique. Thankfully, the more I use it, the easier the process gets.

Believe me, this hasn't happened overnight. It has taken me many years and interacting with many irritatating individuals to almost master this technique. I can now look back and say that it has been worth it, for now, when bad situations happen, I am better able to handle the situation and maintain my positive outlook.
I am frequently tested and I seem to fail less and less. My lesson has also been to find some new aquaintances.
If you try to find the Good in everything, you are more likely to remain focused seeking Good and less likely to become Fixated in Lower Revolutions. 

 No longer are we are the mercy of circumstances

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