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Avoid Lower Revolutions

and the Spirit you save will be your own.

Lower Revolutions are any attitude or action that does not progress your Spirit. Anger, jealousy, resentment, revenge, and others are natural reactions to being alive. To progress the Spirit, we must not let these emotions control us. We must engage in these emotions, but also let them go. This is too important to miss. We must engage in these emotions, but also let them go. And, we must avoid becoming fixated in unhealthy continuations of these emotions, for they are unhealthy traps.
In the Koran, Mohammad wrote about 2 Jihads, the Higher Jihad, to improve one's Higher Self and the Lower Jihad, to defend the Faith. He wrote that we must defend our Faith but we must always return to the Higher Jihad to continue with our Holy Struggle to move ourselves closer to God.
Choose your attitudes and actions wisely, for they will shape your Fate. Always seek Good.

 No longer are we are the mercy of circumstances

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