Higher Meaning

The 12th Potential of a progressing Ego: 

Transcendance tempered with Soul.

When having Meaningful healthy Inter-Personal Role inter-actions is a natural part of your personality, you're ready to progress into the 12th Potential of Ego to develop Inter-Personal Role Higher Meaning.
Higher Meaning develops from the Ego Transcendance of your Inter-Personal Role inter-actions to develop a strong Ego to Transcend the Ego to begin to explore the Higher Potentials of the Higher Self of your Soul.
Developing the 12th Potential of a progressing Ego develops the Ego Transcendance to have Higher Meaning in life, tempered with the ability to feel from the Soul.
Build upon your Awareness of Inter-Personal Role Higher Meaning by exploring the Foundation for a progressing Soul: Personal

May your Attitude become your Potential.
Or, go deeper thru the 12th Potential of a progressing Ego: Higher Meaning

Higher Meaning

Role Meaning becomes  Role Higher Meaning.

Building on Meaning, the Awareness of the Inter-Personal Potential of Higher Meaning will develop the Ego Transcendance to create Higher Meaningful Roles.

The symbol of the Twin Fish of Pisces is ideal to represent the Ego Transcendance to develop the Higher Meaning of Inter-Personal Roles.

Developing Ego Transcendance will preapre you to develop the Potentials of your Higher Self of Soul. Without Ego Transcendance, you will have a difficult time letting go of Ego issues and to develop the higher Potentials of Soul.

Having Higher Meaning, you're ready to enter:

The Foundation of a progressing Soul:

Personal Higher Awareness

Sign of Higher Meaning  ... The Twin Fish


Transcending inter-personal Roles for Higher Meaning with Soul.

Phases of Higher Meaning
1 2 3 4
Awareness of Potential Means
to Potential
of Means
Being the Potential
Aware of Higher Meaning Ego
Soul Being Higher Meaningful

Suggestions for Higher Meaning

Soul - Ego Transcendance - Soul - Higher Meaning

Shadow Traits of Higher Meaning

Soul - Ego Transcendance - Escapisms - Lack of Higher Meaning

Find Higher Meaning in your attitudes and actions.

Explore the Higher Meaning presented in Religions.

Daily Thoughts on Higher Meaning

Read all the Daily Thoughts about Higher Meaning

In the fullness of Time:

Twin Fish's Cyber-Guide to Higher Meaning.

... if only knowing made it so ...
  Build on your Higher Meaning to explore the Foundation for a progressing Soul: Awareness of  Higher Attitude

I am the Light

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