the Twin Fish  the Twin Fish

Sign of Higher Meaning
Ego Transcedance tempered Soul

In the quest for the Higher Meaning of Inter-Personal Roles, the means of Ego Transcendance tempered with Soul, is ideally symbolized by the Sign of the Twin Fish.
The Twin Fish symbolize progressing from Potential #11's Ego Enhancement for Role Meaning into Potential #12's Ego Transcendance for Role Higher Meaning.
The Twin Fish of the Ego and Soul parts of our Spirit, always attached and always two separate entities. Potential #12 of Higher Meaning.
When you have developed Inter-Personal Role Meaning as symbolized by the Water Bearer, are ready to progress into the 12th Potential of a progressing Ego, to develop Role Higher Meaning as symbolized by the Twin Fish. By completing the 12th Potential of a progressing Ego, you are ready to explore the Foundation for a progressing Soul.
Transcend your Ego to develop Higher Meaning in your Roles.
Explore deeper through Ego Potential # 12:

Only the Serious need surf on.

Progress ahead to explore the Foundation of a progressing Soul:

or explore the Sign of
: the  Higher Serpent Wrestler

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