The Sign of Right Attitude for the Daily Struggle for Growth

Responsibility tempered with Dedication 

In the quest for Right Attitude, the means of Responsibility tempered with Dedication, is ideally symbolized by the Sign of the Serpent Wrestler. The Daily Struggle against the
Interferences that hinder your healthy growth towards achieving your Potentials is perfectly represented by t
he Serpent Wrestler.

The Serpent Wrestler is a Symbol for the Foundation of the Right Attitude of being Responsible and being Dedicated to achieve all of your Potentials of Ego. How you develop Responsibility and Dedication will shape how you progress through each of the Potentials of Ego.

The stronger your Foundation of Ego, the easier will be your progression through every Potential of Ego, which in turn, will be a stronger preparation will be to develop your
Potentials of Soul.

For more on the Serpent Wrestler or to the Serpent Wrestler's Cyber-Guide to Right Attitude.

 Suspending disbelief will set you free ...

Or to explore the sign of the 1st Potential of Ego: Empowerment ... the Ram

By our actions, we create our fate.

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Only you can defeat your demons.

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