It's my own Philosophy

From Cave Dwellers to Saintly People, look how far we've progressed
as The People of Earth. Hopefully, we're not done.
My Spirit has always sought to progress. I sought Guidance through Academia. I only found Ideas.
I tried the Corporate sell out path, fortunately. I did not last long.
I sought for Inspiration thru Faith. Didn't find it, so I floundered.
I searched for Inspiration. I went on a Mission. I sought to progress my Spirit.
But, I found nothing, so I created my Inspiration.
I explored Holy Lands and Places in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and on Native American Reservations.
A most interesting journey. My experiences became proSpirit on the Internet.
Inner Exploring. Overcoming Challenges. Ever Progressing.

Growth is Guaranteed!

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