Suggestions to develop Potential #4: Confidence

Seek Introspection ... Develop Acceptance ... Find Confidence

Build on your Diversity of Abilities to strengthen your Self Confidence.
Nurturing your Identity builds the Confidence to achieve all of your Potentials.
Introspection with Acceptance builds Self Confidence.
Nurturing your Identity prepares a you to develop all of your Potentials.
The 4th Potential of Ego develops Introspection. Introspection will develop Confidence of your Personal Identity. Introspection will explore all of your personality traits, the good, the bad, and the ugly. While developing the 4th Potential of Confidence, you will explore all your traits. Introspection must be tempered with Acceptance. Developing this Potential is not about self-flagellation, but bringing all of your traits into the Light and explore how others view you. Accept all that you see.

The 4th Potential brings all of your traits into your Awareness. Focus on the positive. Enjoy your accomplishments. By focusing on your positive abilities, you will develop Self Confidence. The 5th Potential will Express your positive Abilities. The 6th Potential will Improve and Perfect your Abilities and your Identity.
Meditate on this ... Introspection with Acceptance is the 4th Potential of a progressing Ego.
To progress thru the 28 Degrees of Confidence ... explore the Sign of ... the Crab.

Kilroy says ...

  Explore the Suggestion to progress thru the 5th Potential of Ego: Express your Identity

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