The Transcended Ego

... Higher Attitude is the Foundation for a progressing Soul.

Seek Higher Responsibility ... Develop Higher Dedication ... Find Higher Attitude
The Foundation Potential of a progressing Soul is Personal Higher Awareness of your Atitude.

Awareness of your Attitude towards the 12 Potentials of Ego is your Foundation for progressing your Ego. The Foundation of a Progressing Ego, is being Aware of your 12 Potentials and that every day is a Daily Struggle to develop your Potential.

To progress through the Foundation of Awareness, one develops and strengthens Responsibility and Dedication to their own growth. Awareness without Responsibility is only ideas. Responsibility without Dedication is random inefficient growth.
To Transcend your Ego to experience your Soul, find a religion, any religion and learn .
Explore a Sign of your Higher Awareness ... The Higher Serpent Wrestler. 
To a Suggestion that strengthens your Higher Awareness ... Higher Meditation.
Try the free Serpent Wrestler's Cyber-Guide to The 28 Aspects of Higher Awareness.
A Soul Aware Higher Self is ready to explore the 1st Potential of Soul: Higher Empowerment.

 All in the fullness of Time and Desire ...
For more on the Foundation Stage # 0 of Soul , preview the Serpent Wrestler's Cyber-Guide to Higher Attitude
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