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Awareness of the Aspects of Spirit

Enlightenment begins

Like a diamond, the Spirit is composed of many facets, or Aspects.
The total of who you are can be called your Spirit.
Your Spirit can be divided into the Lower Self and the Higher Self.
Your Ego is your Lower Self. The Ego always wants more.
Your Soul is your Higher Self. Your Soul always experiences pure joy and bliss.
Your Lower Self and Higher Self can each be divided into 4 Sub-Areas.
Each of the 4 Sub-Areas can be divided into 3 Stages, for a total of 12 Potentials.
Each of your Potentials can be divided into 4
Each Phase can be divided into 7
Every Aspect of your Spirit can be represented by a Symbol.
By being Aware of and then exploring these Aspects, you'll progress through the Elements and Phases through the Potentials of each Level of Spirit.
Jan Metsys painting is the foundation for The Moment of Awareness
It all begins with Enlightenment
The stronger your Dedication and Desire, the faster the progress through your Potentials.

We at, hope to present and easy to follow and enjoyable pathway through Aspects of your personality.
Exploring one Aspect at a time will make Progressing your Spirit easier.
Got Enligthenment?
Dalai Lama and a statue of the Buddha is the foundation for Got Enlightenment?

Your Potentials are greater than your current philosophy.

Go deeper thru Aspects of Spirit or Symbols that represent them.


Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs and

Enhance this exploration ... Personalize it, make it your own progression thru your own Potentials.
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