Always Progressing
The Spirit's Potential

The Spirit can ... Progress ... Regress ... or Remain the Same.
We are born with unlimited Potentials of Spirit. But what you do with your Potentials is up to you. You can progress your Spirit, regress your Spirit, or stay the same.

You Decide your Destiny.
Your Spirit can stay the same, fixated, changing very little from day to day. Being fixated is "Spiritual Treading Water" and sooner or later, remaining the same, becomes becoming less and regressing. Avoid Fixation.
Even when 'life' is tearing you down, you always have the choice in how to respond. There are always systems of support available to help in any crisis. Asking for help is not defeat. Defeat only comes when you fail to seek support. Seek Support.
Your Spirit can progress, becoming better in many ways. Progressing is much better than regressing. The Annunciation of Karma
The Annunciation of Karma
Growing up, we heard: "Getting better in every way",
"Getting better day by day" and "Getting better all the time". These are great sayings, but I needed more, more than vague platitudes. I needed the specific "What" that was getting better. And, the specific "How" to get it better.
I explored the progressing Spirit and developed Using a Re-Creationist philosophy that believes that we can reuse existing ideas and psychological theories and re-create our selves in the personality image that we choose.
No matter who you have been or what you have done, with desire and work, you can re-create your self by developing thru the Potentials of a progressing Spirit and progress your own Spirit. You have nothing to loose but your presently fixated Spirit.

How will you use today ... ... to progress thru your Spirit's Potential?

Today's words of wisdom

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By our actions, we create our fate.

Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs and

Only you can defeat your demons.

Enhance your exploration ... Personalize it, make it your personal progression thru your own Potentials.
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