The Signs of the Zodiac are Symbols for a Progressing Ego Symbols of a progressing Spirit
Becoming Aware of the Symbols of Spirit

is the 2nd step towards Enlightenment

Symbol of Spirit Aspect represented
Yin/Yang : Self and Higher Self of Ego and Soul 2 Levels of Spirit
Triangle of 25 year cycles 3 Areas of Ego
4 Seasons and the ever Present Moment 5 Sub-Areas of Ego
13 Signs of the Astrological Zodiac 13 Potentials of a Progressing Ego
4 Phases of the Moon 4 Phases thru each Potential of Ego
7 Elements of Alchemy 7 Elements thru every Potential of Ego
28 Degrees of Astrology 28 Degrees thru every Potential of Ego

 the first step is the hardest, but the first 28 as easy ...
After exploring the Symbols and Aspects of a progressing Spirit,

take the 3rd step towards Enlightenment, explore Jason's Cyber-Guide to Self Awareness.

Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs and

Enhance your exploration ... Personalize it, make it your personal progression thru your own Potentials.
For a semi-personalized exploration, mouse over pictures, animated images or the embossed words.
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